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About the author

My name is Sébastien Sougnez and right now, I am 27 years old and I'm working as SharePoint consultant in a belgian bank. I started to develop in 2000 and at that time, my favorite language was Visual Basic 6.0. This language helped me a lot to learn programming as it is really easy to understand. Moreover, Visual Studio 6 allowed the user to develop a graphical user interface through a wysiwyg, which was quite interesting. Then, I switched to C and Java. As I liked the C syntax way more than Java, I decided to deep dive into this language and quit Java (and I really don't regret it).

In 2008, my work life journey began in a consultancy company where I became a SharePoint developper. As this technology allowed me to use C#, I took the opportunity to learn this language the best I could. In the meanwhile, I founded AreaProg thanks to which I became a MVP for 3 years. The more I learned SharePoint (and the more I get bored by this wobbly technology), the more I figured out that what I liked in it was actually the fact that I was able to develop in C#. Although I'm far from knowing everything about it, I think that I know enough to be able to write some articles that could help people to improve their knowledge. That's the reason why, in January 2015, I founded C# net.

About the website

As explained above, C# net is a website containing articles about C# starting from the basics (.NET philosophy, variables, object-oriented programming) to more advanced topics (delegates, reflection, dynamics...). The format of the website is approximately the same as a book one allowing the user to have a better experience. The first article of C# net has been created in January 2015 and more will follow.

This website does not pretend to be a C# bible where you'll find everything you want to know. Indeed, I won't write about stuff I don't know only to have a "complete" web site. In other words, if an article about a specific topic does not exist, it either means that I didn't have time to write it yet or it means that I'm not confortable enough with this topic to write an article about it. Besides, you have to know that English is not my mother tongue, so it is very likely that some mistakes are present in articles content. If you find some or if you think that my explanations are unclear or false, don't hesistate to write me a mail @

I can now wish you a good reading and hope that you'll find all the answers you're looking for.

Last modification: 1/26/2015